Titus Tavern opened its doors for business in January of 2013 under John Giehl and Bucky Montrois.  The two are both Irondequoit natives; John having graduated from Bishop Kearney in 1970, and Bucky from Irondequoit HS in 1973.  They have been friends for over 30 years, having met through the food service industry when John was the owner of Cooper Del, and Bucky was selling coffee to local restaurants and businesses.  Now partners in business, the two have only previously shared partnerships in golf tournaments they have played in over the years.  The idea of opening a neighborhood bar or tavern was always a popular topic of discussion for John and Bucky, and in June of 2012 it became a reality.  When the space next to the Cooper Deli became available for rent, John and Bucky decided the time was right and Titus Tavern became their new venture.